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As For Me and My House

I went totally insane with the pink last weekend, and I feel like I was slathering it all over everything.  This Bible page was no exception.  As soon as I got the paint on, I thought to myself that this was a terrible mistake, but I went with it.  And

Exclusive Illustrated Faith at JoAnn

This month I had the pleasure of working with some of the exclusive products coming to the Joann shelves!  Have you guys spotted the latest Illustrated Faith products at your local JoAnn store? JoAnn has worked to create some new and exclusive items from the Advent and CHRISTmas collections.  They

This Month at PageMaps

I was lucky enough to work with some of the new sketches over at PageMaps last month, and I had a blast! This 12×12 layout came from this amazing sketch! Sometimes I look at these cute as ever photos of my toddler, and I remember just how important and overwhelming

Can You Really Be Angry?

The other day I found myself in Jonah reading near the end of the book, a couple of chapters, I’d never really gave much thought to.  I suppose God knew I needed to hear it! Rarely do we every see a servant of the Lord behaving in such a way,

The Wages of Sin

Every year around this time, I always do a couple studies on the less than palatable Bible verses; the ones that we don’t often want to hear or read, for that matter.  Halloween collections make the perfect companion for these “scary” Bible verses, so I always save them for this

Finding Your Beauty Despite It All

Thanks so much for joining me today, sweet friends!  It means so much to me that you’re here!  As I mentioned last week, I’ve been having a rough go at it recently, and it’s taken quite the toll.  Thankfully I’ve found myself in scripture, and it has truly made a

Lord, It’s Not All Good

You know what I love the most about our relationship with the Lord; we can be completely honest with Him because there is nothing that He does not already know about us.  The past couple weeks have been rough for me, and sometimes the only thing left to do is

You Are Capable of Amazing Things

I’ve been going through a season of doubt recently, and it has not been fun.  If I’m being honest with myself, it is because I haven’t been diligent enough in the Word.  My lack of dedication to my Bible has left me feeling all sorts of negative, worldly emotions. So

Revival Camp Session 6

I feel like I have totally let loose creatively with this second kit of Revival Camp, and I have found total artist peace!  That rarely happens for me, and it feels so good!  I have learned that when I am creating I can be far too much of a perfectionist,

We are Made to React

I was so inspired by this post on The River Walk, that I knew I would have to get out my Bible and journal it in.  Sometimes the authors here in the blogspace know just what to say when we need it most!  That’s what I love so much about

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