Tag: Good Vibes

As For Me and My House

I went totally insane with the pink last weekend, and I feel like I was slathering it all over everything.  This Bible page was no exception.  As soon as I got the paint on, I thought to myself that this was a terrible mistake, but I went with it.  And

Lord, It’s Not All Good

You know what I love the most about our relationship with the Lord; we can be completely honest with Him because there is nothing that He does not already know about us.  The past couple weeks have been rough for me, and sometimes the only thing left to do is

Commit Your Plans to the Lord

I was over the moon the other day when I realized ACDigitals had released the Good Vibes collection!  I instantly went about downloading so I could stick it all in my Bible!  I have been following the verse of the day on the Bible app, and this was that day’s.

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