Tag: Fun

12×12: So Fun

This layout was such a breeze to create, and when I sat down to create it, I really needed the outlet to create!  We had these cute pictures taken some time last year, and they just make me giggle!  I knew that chipboard “So Fun” piece would make the perfect

My Creative Space

I take up one tiny corner of my living room, so my organizational skills have to be very effective to fit all my crafty things!  Our house is only 840 sqft with no basement, so I’m thankful my husband has allowed me to take up as much as I have! 

Choose Fun

I’ve been wanting to do another page for the New Year, and I knew that I needed to put my goal into the pages of my Bible, so I would remember to make it reality!  I chose this year to insert more fun and joy into my life.  I want

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