12×12: So Fun

So Fun 12x12 Layout using Maggie Holmes Carousel Collection - Lydia Cost

This layout was such a breeze to create, and when I sat down to create it, I really needed the outlet to create!  We had these cute pictures taken some time last year, and they just make me giggle!  I knew that chipboard “So Fun” piece would make the perfect title!


This page was inspired by a Suse Fish layout that I loved!

After aligning my squares in the center of the page similar to how she did, I left a space for layering around my photo in the left-side corner, but I wanted to create a little shaker pocket on the left side.  Using my Confetti Punch, I punched a sheet from the 6×8 paper pad, and stitched them inside a little glassine piece.  I really loved the simplicity of it!


I chose to save the corner for my photo for last because it had the most layering.  I played with all the papers in the Carousel collection and also some embellishments from the line.  I chose to hide my journaling in a little vellum envelope behind my photo to stick with a clean layout.


I finished off my pages with a few paint splatters from my new favorite watercolor set from Vicki Boutin!


Thanks so much for stopping by today!  I hope you are having an amazing week!


Maggie Holmes Carousel Collection, Vicki Boutin Watercolors, Sticky Thumb Adhesive Roller, Ranger Archival Ink, American Crafts Paper Trimmer, WRMK Confetti Punch

My Creative Space


I take up one tiny corner of my living room, so my organizational skills have to be very effective to fit all my crafty things!  Our house is only 840 sqft with no basement, so I’m thankful my husband has allowed me to take up as much as I have!  When we host guests, there’s no question about what my hobbies are!  It’s in no way a craft space of my dreams, but it’s tidy and inviting!  I think I’ve done a good job of utilizing my tiny space to fit the maximum amount of goodies; it measures about 3 1/2′ x 8′.



Before I extended my space out to include my bookshelf, these two corkboards were all I had!  I stored everything else in tubs, which was a nightmare.  Now I store all of my mixed media supplies, watercolors & gouache, daubers, and ink pads on one; on the other I store ribbon, embossing powder, threads, stencils, roller stamps, adhesives, and one bin designated for miscellaneous Maggie Holmes goodies (because I have an addiction and they go with everything).  I have one rack hung above to store miscellaneous embellishments, and below I hang my essential tools!


All of the baskets and hanging hooks are from Dollar Tree, so they are an inexpensive option for transforming your cork boards.  I have intentions soon to paint my corkboards a seafoam color and screw all of my baskets in permanently.  I have hesitated to do that until now because I had rearranged them frequently.

I also display current scrapbook pages on the walls next to my corkboards.  I change these frequently, and I’d like to eventually attach permanent hooks or clipboards for easy hanging!


I use two light sources on my desk; the one on the left is a small but mighty light I found at Home Depot on sale and the other is an Ott light; the pair together really do create great light!  The other gadget clamped to my desk is a Benks cellphone mount:  this little guy is great for videos!  When I’m not using it for that function, I swivel it up to hold my phone for watching YouTube videos while creating.

I do utilize the space under my desk for quite a few things.  I keep an Iris 12×12 storage unit with 3 drawers.  I keep my Project Life cards, an unfinished album I’m working on, and mixed ephemera in each of the drawers.  I also file my uncut Print and Pray sets under here with a bunch of other easy to grab necessities.

20180813_172514663_iOS  20180813_172720357_iOS

I keep 3 small organizers on top of my desk for random junk that I love, clips, and my current Illustrated Faith devotional kits.  Speaking of my desk, I will at some point finally get a real desk — and please let it be white!

I’ve had this antique tea cart forever, and I’ve splattered just about every color you can image on the poor thing.  It’s gotten sort of wobbly, so I’d say I have a valid excuse to upgrade soon!


Behind my chair, I keep my cart.  I’m not sure how I ever survived without it!  Worth every single cent of that $30!  There are a million ways to use these, and I even have one in my son’s room for all of his books.


On the top shelf I store both of my current Bibles, a devotional, all of my writing & painting utensils, and a container of various glitters.


On the second shelf I keep miscellaneous embellishments in these beautiful wooden bowls.  I have always had a deep love for handmade wooden pieces, so you can image that it extends to my craft area.  I fit 3 of these alongside my punches on this shelf.



I also have these little magnetic tins that I found at Dollar tree that are perfect for the edges of the cart.  I keep binding rings, bows, and other small items in these.  I also love the Dollar Tree magnetic bulldog clips for hanging my friend’s business cards, clips, random bits of inspiration, and tape.


Next to my cart is where I have anchored my bookshelf.  This bookshelf stores just about every one of my paper supplies, and I COULD NOT survive without it.  I keep my current design team goodies, thickers, and paper pads here.  I also display my sewing machine and typewriter here as well.

Hopefully I’ll be able to eliminate it soon, but the little storage ottoman next to my bookshelf houses old Bibles (because I refer back to them often) and 12×12 layouts that haven’t found an album yet.  One day when I have a larger space, I’ll simply display them instead of store them!

20180813_172028045_iOS  20180813_172034877_iOS


I store my current design team goodies in dollar tree bins.  I like to use binder rings to sort each embellishment separately…for instance my enamel hearts, stamps, alpha stickers, and Bella bows all get clipped separately.  I also love binder rings for hanging products from the front of my bins.  I hang my acrylic words, pennants, and even ephemera from the front.  I like to store my design team products by release dates and collection, so I always know where they are from.  It might seem crazy to some, but for a lady in the papercrafting industry, I’ve always stored my products in their original packaging.


On the bottom shelf, I store my 12×12 paper pads, overflow/older design team product & catalogues, and my 6×6/6×8 paper pads.


On the second shelf, I keep my hoard of thickers and a metal file sorter, which is perfect for 12×12 kits and chipboard sheets.  I cannot recommend a file sorter enough because it fits perfectly on a shelf, and it is really easy to pull out what you need!



I have a serious thicker obsession, but to be fair, they are my absolute favorite crafting/Bible journaling supply!  I use them on nearly every project, and I collect them in every color and pattern!  I think I’m up to like 75 sets….yikes haha!


Next to my typewriter, I store my acrylic paints and miscellaneous modeling pastes in this wire basket that I found at Target forever ago.  I’ve always been a color mixer, so I never had much need for a million tubes of paint.  This little basket is all I need!


The top shelf isn’t really pretty.  I store my buttons, sequins, and miscellaneous items in sorted containers.  Next to that I have this little wooden organizer that I have Illustrated Faith paper pieces in.  When I’m not using those, I sit my little letterboard in front to display fun messages.

The last organizational tip I have for you is a washi ring!


I haven’t purchased another embroidery hoop yet, but I have enough washi to fill another one soon to hang below this one.  I simply used a command hook adhered to the edge of my bookshelf to keep my washi ready to use!

My space certainly isn’t the most beautiful space, but it is incredibly efficient and functional!  The pretty will come with time, but I am grateful to have a space that works for me and I utilize every inch!

What do you guys think of my tiny space?!

Choose Fun

Choose Fun

I’ve been wanting to do another page for the New Year, and I knew that I needed to put my goal into the pages of my Bible, so I would remember to make it reality!  I chose this year to insert more fun and joy into my life.  I want to pass on an attitude to my child to realize his blessings from the Lord and to find joy in our circumstances.  I have somehow become this serious person, and I’m sure that has something to do with being a wife and mother.  I want to choose to find more fun in my everyday life, be more silly, and soak up every last bit of laughter I can out of my life!  I know this will positively impact my emotional well-being, my marriage, and the model I set for my son.

Choose Fun_1

I chose this verse in Ecclesiastes to remind me of that exact thing!

Ecclesiastes 5:18-20 (ESV)

18 Behold, what I have seen to be good and fitting is to eat and drink and find enjoyment in all the toil with which one toils under the sun the few days of his life that God has given him, for this is his lot. 19 Everyone also to whom God has given wealth and possessions and power to enjoy them, and to accept his lot and rejoice in his toil—this is the gift of God. 20 For he will not much remember the days of his life because God keeps him occupied with joy in his heart.


I have truly loved seeing everyone’s words for the New Year, and I hope to live mine out with as much enthusiasm as you!

Choose Fun_2

Choose Fun_3

Supplies: Go, Girl, Go Journal Kit by Elaine Davis, Bella Blvd Spooktacular Tabbies, Styleboard Polish Thickers, Created to Create 2 Alpha Stickers, Illustrated Faith Pen


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