Edit Your Way to a Perfect Photo

Today I’m doing something a little different!  I’ve had several followers who have asked that I share how I photograph my papercrafting projects.  Truth is, my photographing is probably no different than your own, but I’ve fallen in love with 2 apps that I wish I’d had my whole life.  So to honor that I’m sharing which two I use and exactly how they work.  I hope this encourages some of you to take the extra step and edit your papercrafting photos like a pro!



My go to editing app is Afterlight 2!  I truthfully wish I had purchased this app long ago!  It was literally the best $2.99 I have ever spent!  It was so easy to use, and unlike many photo editing tools, it includes a curves feature and selective saturation which are crucial for papercrafting projects.



When I was photographing this project, we had not had sunlight in a week, and you can clearly tell in my unedited version!  You also get a nice shadow from my hands and phone, because all I had on hand was an overhead light at the time.  That’s one seriously bad photo; I’m a little embarrassed haha!  Editing to the rescue!

20171208_185551000_iOS.png  20171208_185611000_iOS.png

There you have it ladies and gentlemen; with a few easy adjustments, you have a bright pretty photo!  I personally like to first crop and straighten my photo.  I then adjust curves, selective saturation, and lower the shadows.



The final step is to add a white border around the edge!  I have fallen in love with Whitagram for 12×12 layouts especially, but even this 8 1/2 x 11 page needed a little white space for the perfect Instagram photo.  Best part is, it’s free!  This app is a no brainer for all your Instagram needs!



This app is totally self explanatory, so I won’t give you a rundown on it.  Just do yourself a favor and download it!

20171130_184004800_iOS   20171130_191007098_iOS

Can you believe the difference?!  I’m still surprised every time I go from a poor photo like this one to the end product.  I’ll be honest most of my photos aren’t this poorly lit and poorly photographed, but for demonstration purposes, I thought it was a perfect example!

Here is another example of the dramatic effect minimal editing, a drop shadow, and white border can make for a 12×12 layout!

 Sweet Moments_Shadow.jpg

Let me know if you guys decided to use any of the apps? Or feel free to share some of your favorite photo editing techniques!




How the Times Change

I just wanted to share a little about how much my Bible journaling has changed over the past 2-3 years.


I was given an ESV Single Column journaling Bible when I was still pregnant with my son.  My now husband and I had been living in a sinful lifestyle, so it was a gift from my pastor (Little did he know, it would change my life).  It had been gathering dust on his wall of theology filled bookshelves, and it was calling my name.  I had always doodled in my Bible, but this Bible changed everything.  I started putting stickers around my notes, and sometime early in 2015, I started googling images of anything I could find where people were doing the same.  To be honest the internet was pretty barren back then, when you searched for such things.  I came across a few illustrations on pages, but there wasn’t much inspiration out their yet.  That’s when I discovered Illustrated Faith, and I watched the company grow into a world-wide powerhouse of Gospel-sharing creatives.

Next thing I knew, I was standing in front of my small church body sharing my love of Bible journaling, through tear soaked eyes; I shared how much closer it had brought me to the Lord.  I spent the next several months sharing that love with the ladies of my church body.

On my drive to work this morning, I was just thinking how proud I am to be a part of this community; moreover, I wear that like a badge of honor!

Here’s a couple flashbacks of what journaling was like back then, compared to the intricate pages I pour my heart into now.


I hope you enjoy!



Flash forward to some recent ones, I haven’t shared on the blog: