Dive Into Summer Cupcakes

I don’t bake very often, but I always make sure my kiddo has cupcakes for his birthday each year. This year I had a blast playing with the Echo Park Dive Into Summer collection, to create some extra fun beach cupcakes.

I had been in a creative rut recently, and I don’t know what it was about the process, but I feel totally refreshed after creating these. It was so fun to think outside the box with my papercrafting goodies. I let my little help me with every step of the process, and he was so proud when they were finished.

I’ll share two super tips for you when you’re making your very own decorated cupcakes; First instant pudding mix is your best friend. If you’re using a box mix, substite the water required for pudding mix made according to the directions with milk. This will make the inside of your cupcakes super moist, and you can transform the flavour completely! The second tip I have for adding papercrafting stitckers, is to cover the backsides with sugar. This gets rid of the adhesive and adds an extra sweet topping to your cupcake.

My little one loved adding the sugar to the backs of the stickers the very best. We made two different colors of blue cream cheese icing, so that we could create a fun beach water topping. I was so giddy when it started coming out of the piping bag, because it was so darn pretty.

We had fun adding “sand” and scenes to the tops of our cupcakes, and I think the Dive Into Summer collection solidified itself as my favorite collection of the summer. The mix of beach goers on floaties and sand buckets were just amazing for this project.


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