We are Made to React

I was so inspired by this post on The River Walk, that I knew I would have to get out my Bible and journal it in.  Sometimes the authors here in the blogspace know just what to say when we need it most!  That’s what I love so much about the blog community!

We are Meant to React Bible Journaling Page using Maggie Holmes Willow Lane - Lydia Cost

I’ll be totally honest with you guys, much of my younger life was spent bottled up; I didn’t quite express my emotions the way I desperately needed.  Now that I’ve worked through some of my demons, I’m an open book full of tears.  I sometimes feel shame about how emotional I am, but I am so thankful for a Lord that reminds me of my design.


He reminds me that I was created to react; I was made to feel!  I simply could not connect and experience the Holy Spirit without those emotions, and I’m making a conscious effort to let go of that shame and embrace them.


Side note:  This unicorn is the cutest thing poking its head out of my Bible…hehe 🙂


Am I the only lady who is filled with water works?  I’m just an empathetic lady, and darn it, I can’t help it!



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