Camp Wonder


This past weekend I was able to meet up with my Bible journaling besties to attend Elaine & Abigail‘s workshop, Camp Wonder!  It was such a blessing to not only see my beloved friends, but it’s amazing to meet new ladies as well!

I even got to hug on Andie Bjork in real life for the afternoon!  The day was simply amazing, and I’m so grateful that the Lord has brought our creative souls together!

As an exercise near the beginning of the workshop, Elaine gave us a challenge; We had ten minutes to fill a shipping tag with ten things that inspired us!  It truly was a challenge, but it totally worked for me!  I was instantly inspired!


I used my inspiration tag to inspire everything I created that afternoon, and I felt so carefree in my craft in a way I hadn’t in so long!  It truly helped me get out of my head and just create to create without worrying about the end result!

Camp Wonder Inspiration Bible Journaling Page


We also had a tutorial from Abigail for these cute-as-ever First Aid Kits for prayers.  I backed my cover with a vintage playing card and distressed the printed ephemera.

Vintage First Aid Tin for Prayers

We were also privy to Abigail’s new set in the Print and Pray shop, as this was her part of the devotional we studied at camp!


It was so perfect because my amazing friend, Suzanne, gifted us God’s Eye necklaces that matched perfectly for the day!


Camp Wonder had some absolutely amazing sponsors, so as you can imagine, we had jam-packed kits!  I was so overwhelmed in goodies, that I barely even used the supplies I brought with me!  I’m convinced I shouldn’t even have packed any haha!


It was just such an amazing weekend, spent with even more amazing women!  If you want to see some photos of everyone else’s experience, make sure to search #campwonder2018!  I’ve said it a million times before, but if you have a chance to attend a Bible journaling workshop in your area, then do it!  You will not be let down!


2 Replies to “Camp Wonder”

  1. andiebjork says:

    What a great summary of a wonderful day!! So grateful to have met you face to face friend!! 💗


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