Fruit of the Spirit Bible Page & Giveaway


*image created by Elaine Davis

I had the pleasure of finally seeing my Bible journaling gals since our last visit in March.  Normally I’m able to see them once a month, but it just didn’t happen that way this summer.  There is just something about seeing your friends after a long while; it simply refreshes your soul!  I wish I could see them more often, but for now I’ll suffice!

This month we gathered for my sweet friend, Elaine Davis‘ Bible journaling workshop!  If you haven’t attended one of her workshops yet, well, just do it already!  She is amazing, and if you are out of the loop, make sure to check out her event page!  In fact Elaine & my beautiful friend, Abigail, are teaching an amazing workshop this month, Camp Wonder, that still has seats available!


I just now got around to getting some images of the page I created while I was at the Fruit of the Spirit workshop.  You get all kinds of crafty inspiration, and I had fun sticking on all the exclusive ephemera by Elaine on my Bible page!

Illustrated Faith Fruit of the Spirit Bible Journaling Page - Lydia Cost

I got a lot of extra goodies from the workshop that I have duplicates of, so I thought I would share!  What do you guys think?!

FSGiveaway The giveaway has now ended!


32 Replies to “Fruit of the Spirit Bible Page & Giveaway”

  1. Haydn says:

    The Holy Spirit has really been teaching me about LOVE this year and what it means to love as a verb and not a noun.

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  2. Anna Rutherford says:

    The Holy Spirit has been teaching me to love this year, to act and accept others unconditionally. To understand the importance of loving others even when it isn’t easy. To let this love guide my interactions with all people in all circumstances

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  3. Gayle says:

    The Lord has been repeatedly teaching me about peace. Peace is found in Him

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  4. Dawn says:

    Self control. Battling the last 10 lbs for what feels like a lifetime. It’s so mental. I have to renew my
    Mind daily.

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  5. Mei-Ling says:

    F O R B E A R A N C E!!! My word of 2018 is GRACE; and not just His grace but me extending grace to others…

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  6. Katie says:

    Patience & Peace during the wait, to know He will come through no matter what the outcome.

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  7. Vicki Etters says:

    I was hoping to attend this workshop and wasn’t able to but I am thrilled to be signed up for the next one!! It will be my first 💕

    The spirit had been working unity and humility in my heart recently, especially in my marriage.

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  8. Paula says:

    My olw this year is discipline and the Holy Spirit is working in me to develop better self control. In all areas- mind, body, soul. Life changing year for me 💛💛💛

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  9. jennmariec says:

    Oh girl, I think the Lord is always trying to teach me patience. But, I’m really feeling called into a season of peace… a season free of anxiety and worry, and doubt! A season where I truly feel and know I am loved. A season to rest in him and nothing else.

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  10. Angel says:

    I think I would have to say faith! To leave your worries and such with the lord he will handle it. Just have faith!!

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  11. Margaret Spencer says:

    Self- control! I am making progress , I must be mindful to ask for help.

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  12. Anyang says:

    The Lord is teaching me how to be patient. And that I need to completely put my trust on him and his timing. On how to live by faith and his promise that he will never leave me no matter what… And that’s what keeps me going.

    P.S. Thankyou for this great oppprtunity..

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  13. Melissa G. says:

    I am trying to work on patience and it’s been really hard.

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  14. I don’t think I can pick just one! But in his season I have to say patience.

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  15. Bec_Scribbles says:

    God has been putting on my heart “faithfulness”. I have been listening to God and He has been telling me to be faithful to Him. There has been a lot of different things God has put on my heart in the past month or more, and I have been listening and sharing my journey through my blog, YouTube channel and my Instagram. Thank you for this opportunity for this giveaway!

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  16. Jean says:

    God is working in my life to strengthen my faith.

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  17. Debbie Ong says:

    I have been learning peace (in the midst of the storm)!

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  18. Sandra Fuchss says:

    The holy Spirit was and is teaching me patience 😫 which isn’t as fun as it may sound. But I’m learning to trust in Gods timeplan and need to slow down to enjoy the journey.

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  19. Lisa Dillon says:

    I am in a difficult season right now. The Holy Spirit is reteaching me all the Fruits of the Spirit so I can not name just one. I am praying this will improve every aspect of my life and draw me closer to God🙏

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  20. Lisa D says:

    I am going through a lot of difficult times right now. I am asking the Holy Spirit to help me with all the Fruits of the Spirit so there is no one in particular. I am working on them everyday.,

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  21. fiveoclockriser says:

    Faithfulness, doing something or being somewhere when I say I will. Learning to say no so I don’t take on something I won’t be able to do well, being on time!

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  22. Amanda Hargrove @byhis_woundsiamhealed says:

    Oh Lydia, if I wasn’t out of town, I would be attending this workshop!!! Hopefully the next one!!!!

    The Lord is teaching me much about LOVE, not just plain ‘ol love, but Jesus love. To love like Him, with a heart like his. Which is so so hard to do in this world. He’s teaching me so much though.

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  23. Yesenia says:

    The Holy Spirit has been teaching me to be patient, it’s always been something I struggle with. This year I’ve felt tested and I’m learning to be patient, to trust God and leave everything in his hands.

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  24. Allisa says:

    Joy. Personally, I find myself forgetting that joy is a virtue from my relationship with God and that can not be taken from me. I rescue cats and I have to remind myself that there is joy in every situation. Thank you for this opportunity, Lydia!

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  25. Shelia says:

    Intentional prayer. It’s been a game changer.

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