He Has Risen

He Has Risen Bible Journaling Page

“Easter not only moves us, it touches something deep down inside of us. We encounter God’s wonder, that feeling of surprise and awe aroused by something strange and unexpected. It’s what Mary Magdalene and the other Mary felt when they learned that Jesus had risen. They departed “quickly from the tomb with fear and great joy” (Matt. 28:8). They were astonished. They went to the tomb expecting to find a dead man in need of embalming. Instead they found an empty tomb. Jesus was alive. That fact, while strange and unexpected, was wonderful and exciting.”


We are called to celebrate the wonder and the definite truth that Christ rose from the dead!  That is what Easter is all about; it is a celebration of life, forgiveness, and the grace we have been granted because of His ultimate sacrifice.  Let us gather together in awe and wonder of what our Lord has done; He is alive!





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