Bella Blvd Island Escape Mini Album

Bella Blvd Island Escape Mini Album - Lydia Cost

I’m up on the Bella Blvd blog today with this pretty little mini album.  I absolutely love the new Island Escape collection, and I couldn’t wait to document a few special vacation memories in this unique album!

Lydia_Cali Mini Album_Island Escape_3

Lydia_Cali Mini Album_Island Escape_4

Lydia_Cali Mini Album_Island Escape_12

Lydia_Cali Mini Album_Island Escape_17

Lydia_Cali Mini Album_Island Escape_19

If you would like to see more details of this cute little mini album, then make sure to jump over to the Bella Blvd blog!


10 Replies to “Bella Blvd Island Escape Mini Album”

  1. So colourful. Love your resources & lettering/stickers. I love stickers! I especially love the dinky little retro typewriter. Really cute.🌸

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    • Lydia Cost says:

      Well, thank you, sweet friend! Bella Blvd has outdone themselves with this collection! It is so beautiful! And my typewriter certainly needs a new ribbon; picture me late at night trying not to wake up my two boys by banging on my typewriter keys trying to get them to score darker haha!

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      • Ha ha ha! Yes I can see it now. I have a rather old electric typewriter in need of a new ribbon & corrector tape, not that it’s been used for years mind you. There’s definitely something special about typed lettering & colour depth.

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      • Lydia Cost says:

        For me it’s just easier then waiting till I get to work the next morning to type something out on my computer then send it to the printer. This way I just run it right though and I’m finished!

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  2. Marie Nicole says:

    What a LOVELY little album!!

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    • Lydia Cost says:

      Thank you, Marie! Also just checked out your blog, and your stuff is too cute! I wanted to give you a follow; however there doesn’t seem to be a button on your blog!


  3. This mini album is so stinking adorable!!! Love all the layering and especially the pics of the cute kiddos!

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  4. Nancy says:

    Beautiful mini album, So creative bright and happy love it

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