Commit Your Plans to the Lord

Commit Your Plans to the Lord Bible Journaling

I was over the moon the other day when I realized ACDigitals had released the Good Vibes collection!  I instantly went about downloading so I could stick it all in my Bible!  I have been following the verse of the day on the Bible app, and this was that day’s.

Commit Your Plans to the Lord_1

With everyone focusing on your OLW this year, I want to remind you to commit them to the Lord, and he will establish your plan and path!  I love this verse, and it is a reminder that God desires for you to meet your goals and for you to further His Kingdom doing so!

Isn’t that Llama the cutest?!

Commit Your Plans to the Lord_2

Supplies:  Good Vibes Digital Elements, IF Enamel Hearts; Bless Her Heart, American Crafts Glitter TapeIF Pen, Bright & Brave Tabbies

5 Replies to “Commit Your Plans to the Lord”

  1. justMarie says:

    I am new to all of this. What is a olw?


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