Gratitude Documented Palette Cards

Gratitude Documented

Color Palette Cards

Just as many of the amazing women in this community are, I too will be participating in Gratitude Documented, starting in November. I’m doing something really special ( I can’t wait to share it) with my kit once it arrives, but in preparation and anticipation, I created these little color swatch cards to coordinate my supplies.  I used the FREE wordfetti & color palette sheet from the Print & Pray Shop.

Gratitude Color Palette

I had several questions from followers regarding the names and brands for each color on the cards, so I figured I’d share what supplies I used.  I created my cards by cutting 9 – 2×2 pieces of cardstock.  I then rounded the corners with my Corner Punch, punched a ring whole, and secured the holes with reinforcements.

Gratitude Documented Color Palette Cards

I truly love Distress Stains & Distress Paints with Dabbers because of their ease of use on Bible pages (No cleanup!!!), so you’ll notice a trend with the colors below!

  1. Carved Pumpkin
  2. Tattered Rose
  3. Wild Honey
  4. Bundled Sage
  5. Evergreen Bough
  6. Peacock Feathers
  7. Broken China
  8. Picked Raspberry
  9. This one I did not have a color that I thought matched well enough, so I mixed my own.  I consider it a darker magenta.  I am keeping it in a paint pot for later.  Here’s a little process for how to mix your own!

This color of Magenta is made my mixing the most true primary versions of Blue and Red; however, I didn’t have those either, so I had to use 3 colors.  I used a vibrant red, darker blue, and a fuchsia pink.

To mix the appropriate color, I mixed equal parts of the three colors with my palette knife.  It was as easy as that!

Lastly, I added the little leaves from the Print & Pray set with a little stitching!  Group them all together and string them on some ribbon or a 3/4″ ring, and Voila… you’re done!

I fully intend to carry my little swatch set around with me to craft stores and outings, so I know exactly what supplies will coordinate perfectly!  It’s also amazing for matching up products you already own!

I’d love to see yours if you decide to make one too!  Use #gratitudeswatchcards on Instagram and tag me @lydia_cost !

Also my Instagram friend, Dawn, pointed out that they would be so pretty hanging on your Ringed Mini Albums, that many are creating with their Devotional Kits.  She also suggested adding journaling to the back of the cards, and I just love that!


3 Replies to “Gratitude Documented Palette Cards”

  1. Cindi says:

    love this! what a great idea to get started


  2. Your cards are great. I’m inspired!

    Liked by 1 person

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