Popsicles & Prayer

I just felt compelled to let everyone know how special you are (speaking to the ladies of a recent Bible journaling workshop):

Bible Journaling Illustrated Faith Popsicles Prayer

I hope that I’m not truly alone in this feeling, but as a mom and wife, I feel incredibly lonely sometimes (most times if I’m being honest). Being a faithful follower of Christ, a mommy, a wife, and a little rough (or maybe a lot) around the edges certainly puts me in a tiny percentile with opportunities to make friends; however, in a room full of all of you, I felt welcome and like-minded. I wish I could have stayed in that room just a little longer; if I’m being honest, I wish I could have taken you all back home with me! Can we just start a gated community filled with Jesus-loving Bible journalers; we’d be the best of neighbors!


I need to tell each one of you that YOU are my cherished sisters in Christ, and despite knowing little about you, I pray for you and think of all the love you’re pouring into your Bibles and all the love it is giving back to you in return. Until we meet again, I pray that myself and all of you that feel likewise will be drawn by our love of the Lord to others in our community that make us feel as special as we did in that room!

Thank you for sharing your hearts, your hugs, and your creativity with me on Saturday! I must remind myself daily that this earth is not my home, but this place feels a little less desolate knowing you lovely ladies are scattered out there too; cutting, pasting, and embellishing our little lives back together with the love of the Lord.



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